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Scene:It from platform_era
Note:Color Coded, see previous scene for details, Tags still aren't working >>, This can be considered a type of fanfiction

Kurenai drug herself into the kitchen, it was 5 am and she figured she'd get up and make tea for her guest...maybe she'd throw in some dumplings after all, they didn't take long to make.
Itachi glared at the sunlight and pulled the covers over his head. College life was enough to make anyone hate the mornings... but his stomach didn't want to let him sleep and growled loudly enough to make him want to figure out a way to smother it. "You're not going to let me sleep, are you?" Another growl. "Okay, fine, I'm awake."
Forcing himself to crawl out of the bed, he promptly found himself on his face on the floor, legs tangled in the blankets.
Kurenai set two cups on the table along with the teapot and a plate of dumplings. "Poor guy, must be tired." She thought as she began to wash the dishes that have been in the sink for a few days.
It took him a little bit to get himself untangled, raking his fingers through his hair in lieu of a brush. He picked up the blankets and went about making the bed. Usually he didn't bother with that, but it wasn't his house and he didn't want to leave a mess for her to clean up.
Afterward, he made his way down the hall toward the kitchen, fumbling with pulling his shirt back on. If she was awake, fine, but if not, then he'd slip out before she could get up. Itachi couldn't bring himself to impose on her any more than he already had... until he caught the scent of food and realized that maybe... just maybe... he was kind of hungry.
 Kurenai heard footsteps come from the hallway "Ohayougozaimasu*...uh I mean....good morning Itachi-sa." She stopped herself. Last night's few words had stuck in her head making her want to hold a conversation in Japanese only.
"Ohayo*..." He yawned managing to get his shirt turned so it wasn't backwards, and was cut off by his stomach again. "I said shut up already!" He pulled the shirt over his head and nodded slightly in response to her question, smoothing the slightly wrinkled fabric. "...kinda..."
Kurenai smiled slightly, a bit glad that she had a guest to cook for insted of just cooking for herself. She continued with the dishes. "Go ahead and eat," She said nodding towards the food, "there's plenty."
Dark eyes slightly hazy from sleep widened when he saw what she'd made. "Oh my god, I love you!" He didn't waste a second before sitting to eat and nearly devouring the food like he'd never get another meal. "Damn, and she's a good cook too..."
Kurenai smiled, glad he was hungry. "Would you like some more?" She asked taking the tea off the burner and pouring Itachi a cup.
Itachi gave her 'you have to ask?' look and tried to look as innocent as possible. "...please?"
Kurenai laughed slightly then placed another plate on the table. "tabehoudai*" She giggled.
When she set the other plate down, he had to fight off the urge to just grab it from her. She might as well have told him she was turning him loose in a candy store for as excited he was. It was rare he got to actually have what he considered real food, so this was bliss.
 Kurenai couldn't help but laugh, after all most men didn't cook, especially in the Japanese culture...unless they were brought up to be chefs. Here in Britian nobody cooked, especialy not the women her age. She frowned at this slightly. What gave those women a good reason why they shouldn't learn to prepare a great meal, how in the world do they please their husbands and guests?
He looked up when she laughed. "Wha..." Remembering his manners at the last minute, he stopped long enough to swallow first. "...what's so funny?"
Kurenai forgot she had been laughing. She looked at Itachi and smiled. "It's been awhile since I've cooked for a man...in fact about seven years"
He gave a short laugh. "It's been a long time since I've had anyone refer to me like that and not as 'her', 'honey', 'sweetie', 'hey you', 'pinkie', and so on..." Itachi went back to devouring his food before pausing again. "...and you're a really good cook..."
Kurenai smiled. "Thank you, I cooked for my family when we got together for meetings and what not" She continued scrubbing a dish.
"I don't like pet names."
"I don't mind them as long as it's not something degrading or inconsiderate, which most are." He was starting to wonder if she'd mind if he  showed up at random times for food. College food was gross, and neither he nor his roommate were very good with cooking. "I usually get referred to as a woman anyway."
Kurenai smiled sightly. "Pet names are ok I suppose, I just perfer not to use such terms to address someone." She looked at Itachi, who was eating as fast as she could cook.
"If you ever get hungry drop by, the food on campus was always nasty."
He nearly choked. Had she...? "You're... not some psychic are you?"
Kurenai looked at Itachi, her head cocked. "No. Why?"
"Talk about foot in mouth..." He looked away, blushing faintly from embarassment. Now it was his turn to feel stupid. "N-no reason..."
Kurenai smiled and yawned slightly, she looked at the clock and groaned. "Oh great." She mumbled putting her dish down.
"I must be getting ready, work want's me in early to catch the Saturday crowd."
"Shit! I promised I'd swap shifts with one of the other guys to have last night off..." He stood up, taking the dishes to the kitchen. "Um... I know I already said this, but thanks... for letting me stay... and for breakfast... and... yeah..."
Kurenai smiled and. "It's no prob, after all, I invited you as a guest." 
"I... should probably go before I get my ass fired, or at least come real close... again." He hesitated, not really haing anything to give her to return her kindness. "Um... I guess I'll see you later?"
 Kurenai looked over her shoulder. "I sure hope to see you later Itachi."
"Later." Slipping his shoes on, he did what he'd been doing pretty much the entire time the previous night and acted on impulse, slipping back into the kitchen to give her a quick kiss on the cheek as a thank-you before heading off to be able to keep his job.
Kurenai blushed at this.  "Later..."

Meaning of *'s
Ohayougozaimasu/Ohayo: Good morning/moring
tabehoudai: All you can

Tags: ch-a: itachi, ch-o: kurenai, fw: roleplay

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