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You Know You Want To!

Ok well theres a favor I need to ask all you Naruto lovers a question. Do you like to Role Play? Do you like to role play smut, violence and everything else? Well then....I've got a community for you.

[About this place]
Welcome to the year 2010. Where assassians' run wild and people are killed off left and right. The ruling family of this chaos is the Hayatta family.

Amongst the dark streets small but affective organizations rule the hearts and minds of the citizens. Each one holding it's own place in the dark scociety, the number one is Akatsuki.

All are supposed to fear them, but there are those who don't. Those few are like the light in the dark, even if they themselve's don't know. Now that the world is spinning in the wrong direction who will come out on top. Will it be the men in black coats' or the people who have no clue on who they are. This is where the "ninja" step in.

Welcome to the darkest of dark.

So remember:crazy_akatsuki

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