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Hay guys! I come with a drawing of Hidan in, um, 18th century clothing. It's all the fault of eloquentsociety, an AU Naruto RP set in 18th century France which I don't actually participate in, just watch from the sidelines.

In the RP Hidan is - surprise surprise - a cussing and bitching priest who is involved in an underground organization called Akatsuki, and who likes to stab stuff. Multiple times. Usually himself.

And by all logic I should be absolutely sick and tired of 18th century fashion after searching and looking at reference pictures so much, but instead I find myself liking it more than ever! Mmmm, breeches and stockings. And frills - oh, the frills! *swoons*
There should be a law saying that men with hot legs have to wear breeches and stockings. SERIOUSLY.

...I'll just go away now.

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Tags: ch-a: hidan, fw: fanart

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