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It's basically a Orochimaru and Hidan fic... Not a pairing fic... Just, a fic. >.< I hope this is alright... Erm yea... Yea... -shuts up-

CC is very much appreciated, because it hasn't been beta-ed. Because I don't have one. :(

Title: Immortality
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Hidan, Orochimaru
Genre: General, Perhaps with a little angst thrown in.
Rating: PG-13 (Passing mentions of shonen-ai, one sided, and not between the main characters)
Disclaimer: Naruto no mine. Kishimoto has it. He makes lotso lotso money from it too.
Warning: Character from the time skip in the manga.

Lokkit the fake cut!
Tags: ch-a: hidan, ch-a: orochimaru, ch-g: hidan-orochimaru, fw: fanfic

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