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Dab-Dab says I'm very untidy

fanart yey

Tags: ch-a: deidara, ch-a: tobi / madara, ch-g: deidara-tobi, fw: fanart

  • Sasori/Deidara fics

    Title: This Moment is Endless (series of unconnected drabbles/vignettes) Rating: Gen Summary: Scenes and moments, Sasori and Deidara. Together,…

  • Stuck - A HiDei Drabble

    Pairing: HiDei (I dunno if I prefer that Deidara-pairing but lately it's been on my mind all the time o.O) Rating: Hm, some T stuff because of…

  • Clay Figures - A TobiDei Drabble

    Pairing: TobiDei obviously. Rating: Hm...not even worth a PG. Summary: Deidara returns home after a horrible day just to see... something he…

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