inomuiro (inomuiro) wrote in akatsuki_club,

Newbie here, bringing fanart!

Hi everybody! So, I loved Kisame and Itachi at first sight, I thought Deidara and Sasori were cool, I stared at Zetsu and when Hidan and Kakuzu made their appearance I couldn't deny it anymore: I'm massively Akatsuki obsessed. Hence I had to join.

I was and am also massively Rock Lee obsessed... which lead to obvious results, and since it's the first Akatsuki related thing I drawed, I thought to post it here. Hope you like it (or at least that it's not too bad ^^;)

I hope to have something more to share soon...
Tags: ch-o: rock lee, fw: fanart, subject: akatsuki'fy

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