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Drabble: Demon

Title: Demon
Characters: Yugito, Kakuzu, Killer B
Words: 405
Summary: Yugitos childhood, the Nibi and the Eight-Tails. AU

She remembered B from back in Cloud, remembered him from when she had been a girl slinking through the mist-pale village like the cat she was on the inside. When she had thought of him in those days it had been as the other jinchūriki, someone who shared her fate and in so many ways did not. She recalled a dark-skinned boy watching her as she had been sent away to learn how to control the Nibi, how she had been aware of the Hachibis presence. His bold mannerism had always irked her, that and that not-so-wild-anymore beast inside him.

After her time in the temple behind the Falls of Truth the nekomata spoke softly to her, some languid lady-like words drenched in things she did not yet comprehend. The ship jostled and she had the oddest sensation of cats lightly touching her ankles, all soft fur and sharp hidden claws.

Later it occurred to her that the Eight-Tails was a thing that appeared to be feral, but was in fact not and that it was the Nibi that whispered merciless truths to her despite its honeyed speech.

Once she had let the demon rub its mind against B’s and she had felt the Hachibis consciousness in return. The thing had been strong and fierce in ways she had never felt anything be, but never malevolent, never truly spiteful. Of course she knew of the waste the other demon had laid the village to more than once, but she did not feel that savagery in it. Instead she remembered B’s eyes going wide as the cat poured its laughter and lust inside him.

He had drawn away immediately, resting a hand that had already been much bigger than hers on her shoulder. “Run off, cat girl” he told her and she had smiled a much older woman’s smile. The “and you know nothing” of the subdued girl she had been.

She woke these days and it were other dark hands on her. The cat hissed inside her mind as she looked into her leader’s inverse-colored gaze. “Get off” she demanded in the very same snarling cadence, fighting him, but doing so just briefly. Then his fingers press into the soft flesh just above her hipbones and she felt the cat welcome him. She shut her eyes listening to the demon chant malicious things just under its breath as if they were her only prayer.
Tags: ch-a: kakuzu, ch-o: yugito (nibi), fw: fanfic

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