September 27th, 2010

Angelina I Professional Cinderella

WIP: Yahiko/Konan: "Phantasm"

Hello! I joined this community a while ago and didn't have a chance to post anything, so I wanted to share this now =) It's a WIP...chapter 4 is currently almost finished. It's available on Reviews/feedback is appreciated. I love writing about the Ame orphans so this fic is my main focus right now. 

Title: Phantasm
Pairing(s): Yahiko/Konan; [maybe Nagato/Konan]
Rating: PG-16
Genres: drama/angst/romance
Warnings: darker/mature content to come later.
Summary: Konan knew she desired this closeness, shared between them like a hidden pact. Something reassuring to her. When Yahiko kissed her, one last time, too hard for her to breathe, it was confirmed.
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