December 29th, 2006

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I was unsure if I should actually post this or not, because while what I have to say does have to do with the Akatsuki, I was not sure if it was enough. Either way, I figured that the worse that could happen is my post get deleted (which, if this is not within the guidelines, feel free to delete it).

So! I am here to tell you all about my new RP community. We almost have a full Akatsuki and all we need are a few more characters: Zetsu, Sasori, and Kisame! Once we get those three we will be set. ^^ We are not only in need of Akatsuki members however, we are also looking for a lot of the characters as well! We are looking for a Kiba, Gai, Sai, Zabuza, and Jiraiya! And we are also in DESPERATE need of Sound Villagers, like Kabuto, Sakon/Ukon, Tayuya, Kidomaru, Jiroubu, Dosu, Kin, and Zaku! There are also a lot of other characters available for game play, so if you're interested, come check us out!

Majutsu Shi is a fantasy-based RP that has magic, evil kings, troll, giants, and even water spirits! So, if you like that kind of stuff... look under the cut for more information!

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You know you want to~

Picture Deidara as a Geisha, Sasori as a danna, or maybe Kisame as a client? If you like the sound of that then you'll love the sound of this:

The communities name isgeishas_rp and I promise most of you here will like it.

It was made to take an upclose look into a Geisha, client, or danna's life and feel what they feel. Of course while taking this adventure you'll have a great time and most likely make some knew LJ friends.

So don't just waste your time reading my little entry, GO! Try your luck, apply!

Oh and since this is an Akatsuki comm, all the members are free, except Itachi (No, I didn't take him...I took Tenten...but that's not the point XD). So go! ^_^