December 8th, 2006


Happy &@#%ing holidays to you too.

Well, this is my first post to this community, so I'd like to say hello to everyone and I hope you're feeling alright. I, on the other hand, happen to be sick, so that sucks, but I do have a fic for you all just in time for the holiday season (did you notice the LiveJournal format? Very festive.)

Title: Jingle Hell
Author: Me, of course.
Rating: M (for Hidan's bad mouth and some violence)
Summary: Kris Kringle should have known better than to walk out in a red coat (probably lined with flannel) and warm boots in front of a half-frozen member of Akatsuki who had a penchant to overkill.
Characters: Hidan, mostly, Santa Claus, and some Akatsuki at the end.

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