November 3rd, 2006

[*] Orihime Otouto
  • kylara

Community updates

Yo all! The community has a new layout, check it out! (And for the first time, the navigation strip is in one of my layouts. Hnn...)

By the way, hello. I'm Kylara, the new co-mod here at Akatsuki Club. Abarero let me on and I'm happily running around doing things. I'm currently back-tagging entries and working on a profile update. If you need me for anything, reply to this post or e-mail me (address in my profile).

We're looking to affiliate with Akatsuki-related communities, so if you're an Akatsuki-related-community owner how about it? (Otherwise, I'll just be tracking you all down shortly. >] )

To make this post more interesting, I'll take the first three icon requests. :p Give me a prompt, like a character and a couple words or something. Be as specific as you want. One request per person. Akatsuki stuff only, of course.