October 16th, 2006

A Few Akatsuki Fics

Hi, new here.  I come bearing a few Akatsuki fics.

Love is Blonde: crack pairing of Deidara and Ino, simply because I thought it was funny they had the same hairstyle. The story seems to be writing itself, though.  I blame Tobi.

Thou Shalt Not Kill: one-shot, Itachi-centric.

Campfire: another one-shot, featuring Itachi and Kisame.

OTP love

Hidan and Kakuzu make for some serious crack

Okay, I had this idea pop into my head on the bus this morning, and got to writing it immediately when I got home. XD

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Title: Say Hello To Your New Partner
Genre: Humour
Rating: M (Profanity, violence)
Characters: Hidan, Kakuzu.
Summary: Kakuzu was told he’d receive his seventh and final partner in a week. He wasn’t sure he liked the evil, conniving glint in the Leader’s eyes when he told him that his new partner would be special.

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