August 24th, 2006

steampunk sapphirine

Sasori Diptych

We all get bored in class right? lol. Well I know I do. Especially when it is Human Anatomy & Physiology class. x.x Well in my boredom today, I ended up sketching out Sasori. XD And when I got home I scanned it into the computer and colored it. I took the uncolored and colored versions and put them together in one picture. And I noticed something.... how on earth did the colored version get thinner than the uncolored version when both images are the same size? I even checked to make sure they were the same size because it threw me off. But... oh well. ^^" You can check the image out under the cut. XP

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OTP love

I'm so sorry, Itachi.

Man, you guys are probably getting sick of me posting. XD But here I am anyway, this time with chapter 4 to my Akatsuki crackfic!

This is the longest chapter so far and it took some serious thinking--because come on, it's ITACHI'S turn. O__o Also, BEWARE SOME SPOILERS concerning Itachi's Sharingan if you haven't yet read the manga after the timejump.

Besides that, you're good to read. ^o^ Comments would be love! ♥

Title: One of the Cool Kids
Genre: Humour
Rating: T
Chapter: 4
Summary: Before Tobi can be recruited into the Akatsuki, he must face the monumental task of passing an initiation test administered by each of the other members. Here's hoping he does.

Chapter 4: Itachi is Myopic. It's Itachi's turn to give Tobi a test! Expect a no-nonsense Uchiha and eager-to-please Tobi who--really--just wants to make friends. ♥

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1: Kisame is Hungry
Chapter 2: Hidan is Anemic
Chapter 3: Kakuzu is Thrifty

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