August 16th, 2006

OTP love

Poor Kakuzu

Yay! Finally finished chapter three of this fic! ^o^

I think I'm noticing a pattern of increasing cruelty in Tobi as the story progresses. XD But anyway, read and I hope you enjoy. Reviews would be LOVE. ♥

Title: One of the Cool Kids
Genre: Humour
Rating: T
Chapter: 3
Summary: Before Tobi can be recruited into the Akatsuki, he must face the monumental task of passing an initiation test administered by each of the other members. Here's hoping he does.

Chapter 3: Kakuzu is Thrifty. It's Kakuzu's turn to give Tobi a test! Expect money, Tobi screwing up, money, pissed-off Akatsuki members, gold, and more money.

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1: Kisame is Hungry
Chapter 2: Hidan is Anemic

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