July 25th, 2006

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Ok well just recently I saw a few Naruto episodes that had Itachi and Kisame in it. So as a result I looked up Akatsuki on LJ and I found this community!!
The reason Im community surfing is because I'm looking for a place to post my fan fictions and fan art (I have to learn how to post fanart first ^_^). Theres a lot of Akatsuki communities but this one looked really interesting.

Ok well after watching episode 84 (I think thats the one) when Itachi and Kisame come to Konoha I became a fan of Itachi. Im not sure if it was his mysterious presence or his dark past. I think I've got a bad case of "Uchiha on the brain" >_<........oddly Im ok with that ^_^.

Akatsuki is a truly mysterious organization, to the fact that their leaders identity isn't known to us just makes you wanna continue watching. I can see why Masashi Kishimoto added Akatsuki. It keeps all the Naruto watchers watching ^_^. It also stirs up a lot of debates on who the leader is. I have no clue on who it might be, maybe I'll re-read some of the manga and do some examining. I'll probably read somewhere who it is and mentally kick myself for ruining the surprise.

Ok well thats all ^_^. Hi to all the members ^_^ I look forward to being in this community!