May 13th, 2006

Hello ^^

Hihi! It's my first post here ^^ (Why did I wait so long to join this community?) So I come bearing icons and a funny story.

First, the story. Yesterday I was watching some older episodes of Naruto with my friend. We were watching the Uchiha masscre flashbacks, and because I have a soft spot for Sasuke, I got a little upset and went into "I hate Itachi" mode.

My friend looked at me like I was an idiot... Collapse )

And now, icons!

Character: Uchiha Itachi
Total icon count: 19/30 All Themes Complete!
Batch Count: 4
Song: Only - Nine Inch Nails
For: naruto_songset


Click the cut for more. ^_^

( ...i'm becoming less defined... )