March 25th, 2006

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Hello everyone!
yes, I have come to bug you once more with news of a brand spanking new naruto RP community!

And well those little buggers known as the Akatsuki have been included in our little romp about and are looking for nice players to join in on our fun.

The community is called "these lost dreams" theselostdreams

And there is no set storyplot of yet. For now it is a generic naruto game placed after tsunade's gaining the title of Hokage. There are no set pairings involved and basically anything goes except for the main no god-modding and things like that. Oh and that I ask that you make an rp journal.

If you are interested please go to the main page and check us out!

Everyone is open right now except for the character of Temari just to let you guys know. Thank you for looking into this. It means a lot to me.