January 31st, 2006

Fennel: Hmm?


High school was all high drama and mess, what with the street races, chopstick affairs, stalkings, cookie fairies, badly fitted windows, babies, dates, and dumps. Graduation came and went, and the surreality of high school faded away as their diplomas were framed, tacked up, or put on the 'fridge. The "Big World Out There" set in, and with it came a kind of surety and wholeness that had made the high school days seem like a practice run at real life---or a particularaly f'ed up dream, depending on the person who was fondly reexamining their past.

With the Big World Out There came Big Problems, though these were tempered by even Bigger Highs. Long-term relationships, marriage, kids---what had seemed like crazy notions and mental jabs at "happily ever after" suddenly became a lot more like reality, and with that slew of goodness came responsibilty.

Jobs. Minimum wage. Dreams. Reality. It was a lot to handle, but they were finally rolling into the Good Times. All the angst and drama of the past was finally proving to be worth it.

Naruto High School 2: Good Times

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Genre: Alternative Universe. Time Jump. University and beyond.
Ratings: NC17-R
Warnings: Het/Yuri/Yaoi friendly.
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