January 8th, 2006

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Oto Sato

Hey there everyone! For anyone who's interested in RPing, my village could use some active roleplayers. We're going through a rough time and would appreciate your help.

You may have seen an advertisement from late last year which I posted for TheSato. The village which I am a part of is Oto Sato, the Hidden Village of Sound. Please come check it out and our clans. Something may grab your interest.


We hope to get a new main RP up and running soon so it's best you got in now and learnt the way of TheSato =D

Thank you in advance
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Uchiha Prodigy: An Uchiha Itachi Community

May I introduce the community, uchihaprodigy, an Uchiha Itachi community.

The community is made for all Itachi fans, and open for any posts related to Itachi, including fanart, fanfiction, essays, theories, ideas, icons, banners, graphic manips, and just about anything else.

We're also currently discussing the idea of monthly challenges.

Beyond that, Uchiha Prodigy is also meant to be an Itachi resource. Information on Itachi is provided on the userinfo page with more to come, the memories section will be kept up to date so relevant posts can be easily found, and there's a custom-made gallery filled with 300 screenshots and scans from official books -- with about 300 more coming!

So if you like Itachi, come on over and fill out an introductory post!

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