August 19th, 2005


First real post, though I've been lurking for a while... Anyway, I'm awful at art, but I recently figured out how to paint in paintshop (I'm SUCH a genius. v.v) So here's
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It's not as clean at it could be... And I'm still having trouble with coloring hair... Anyway, lines by our wonderful Ksihimoto-sensei. Does anyone remember exactly what number chapter this was from?
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I was nudged into posting this ongoing piece here by my good friend and beta sidestep_life, who is unbelievably lame cool. The story premise sounds silly, but its actually thought-out and edited and nice, so I hope you'll take the time to read it despite its silly summary and basis ^_^

Title:Camp Sunrise, Chapter 1
Pairings:none, only hints of SasoDei and SasuNaru, but nothing you can sink your teeth into 'm afraid.
Length:3,113 words (8 pages)
Summary:For the purposes of monitoring developing shinobi from various countries and to possibly entrap the younger vessels of the bijuu, the Akatsuki hide behind the scenes of an innocent summer camp, though the members may end up getting more involved than they would have liked...
Comments: The story, while being about the Akatsuki, is also about a few of the other characters that are attending the camp, like Naruto! or we wouldn't have much of a story. It doesn't start off with the Akatsuki, but they're in there, so don't worry. ~.^

Please enjoy ^_^

x-posted nowhere! w00t!
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Hey, just found this community not too long ago. Back in uh.. I believe it was may, a few friends and I got an Akatsuki group together for a cosplay Photoshoot. Later in June, we did it again.. with characters that seriously didn't belong to the Akatsuki. :D;; So, here go our costumes..

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Our Metrocon group won Best Group in the costume contest.. and Genma and Gaara had a group of screaming fangirls. XD No love for Itachi! This sucks!!

Hope you guys enjoy this! We sure did!